Home Improvement: Incorporating Natural Light to Modern Homes


Nothing feels more relaxing than having a natural light into your homes and more and more homebuilders are trying to apply it.  If a property is bright and warm, then it is very inviting to prospective clients seeking for a comfy new home.

Natural light feels good

An additional natural light provided by horizontal or vertical windows are favorable among home buyers. Residential builders are finding ways on how to incoporate natural light into both modern homes and remodeled ones. Studies have shown that offices with large windows make workers feel healthier and happier.

Many new houses try to add sliding glass doors. Aside from this, they try to strategize window placements to allow light to pass through the spaces. Window upgrades and insulation material improvements also contribute to natural light effects.

Appreciating the value of natural light

Even if clients do not specifically request the addition of these features, many architects take the initiative to incorporate them. From simple additions like a window that can illuminate light across the hallway or even an entire wall of glasses can produce a dramatic effect for houses.

See-through doors providing a bigger effect

See-through doors in houses can serve several functions. It doesn’t just add a partition to rooms, but it also allows light to pass through the rest of the room even without switching on the light bulbs or electric lamps. Talk about huge savings if you’re trying to cut electric costs.

Adding light to basement

In several houses that have a basement, one way of incorporating natural light is digging out layers of soil around it and adding windows helps a lot. The new space can be a great place to put a humble garden or whatnots.

Whether homeowners are planning to build a new house or are just trying to remodel and improve their homes, being able to have a source of natural lighting should be fully considered. The more light that gets through, the bigger the house feels. Trimming creeping vines, cleaning the windows,  or replacing dusty screens can also help natural light to pass through. These are just some of the things that can add value to your homes.

Ways on Updating Pergola


It’s fun to re-do home decor, rearrange furniture or even change the color of house paint once in a while or if the budget permits. The same thing goes with the exterior of your home. If you have existing pergola sitting on the side of your home, looking boringly normal, well then maybe it’s about time to give it a facelift to make it more enticing. Here are some suggestion’s you’d want to consider:


Paint Pergola

Simple paint will do significant uplift to your old pergola. What would be challenging is the color choice. A dark paint for wooden pergola will make it look new. Light paint will make it brighter and highlight the pergola more.

Add Trellises to Existing Pergola

The aesthetic appeal is mostly visible when incorporating trellises to the pergola. Plants and vines can grow along the structure which adds wow factor. Merging trellises to your pergola makes for an incredibly good looking spot in any garden. This not only is what attracts the eyes, it will also make a good spot for a simple party like tea party or simple chit-chat with friends.

Incorporate canopy or screen to the pergola.

You will have to know for a fact that pergola will not provide much shade, or will they protect against rain, so adding a rollout canopy or screens on pergolas can make it more comfortable.

Build a bench seat at the pergola

The permanent or removable bench makes the pergola more inviting. It will surely magnetize you to spend more time in the area. It would also be a good spot for reading a newspaper or finishing your novel once and for all. Adding pillows will also make the bench more appealing.

Hang Down Curtains


Placing curtains on your pergola will make it more look private. Adding curtains will also make it cozier.